Used to treat all kinds of minor fungal skin problems

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This condition is very stubborn and slow to resolve.  Apply this cream to help your nails become healthier.  Anything you try needs long term, consistent application.  If your podiatrist removes or cuts back your nail, the cream could possibly help the new nail grow back a little healthier.  Children can sometimes respond to treatment a little faster than adults.

Additional Information

This cream needs to be used twice daily for several months.  Some people will notice a change in their nail quickly, especially in children. It is highly likely there are other immune issues going on that really need to be dealt with.  You could use the Immune Drops, however you may have digestive issues, thyroid issues or numerous other conditions.  Individual treatment is always the most effective.


Herbs and homeopathics that have been traditionally used to treat nails that are brittle, discoloured and break easily.