The herbs in this cream have traditionally been used to treat minor warts.

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Warts come in many shapes and sizes.  This cream may assist you in your journey to rid your body of warts.  These are tricky and can be unpredictable.  You may notice your warts change shape before becoming smaller and hopefully disappearing.  Some go faster than others.


Antimonium crud is used for warts that are cauliflower like, hard, horny and can be painful.
Causticum Hahnemann for old painful warts, jagged, inflamed.

Additional Information

Apply 2-4 times daily to the wart. This needs to be applied for a couple of months consistently for best results.

As this is a virus, internal natural therapies can be very helpful as there may be other issues going on in your immune system that need help.


Thuja and Nitric Acid  homeopathics have been traditionally been used for a wide variety of warts.