only through the emotional can we begin to heal the physical.


I am passionate about helping you as women resolve trauma, past and present, so you can step into your power and live your life.

I believe that true health and vitality are achieved when we address, embrace and transform trauma. So many health conditions can be resolved in this manner, and it is my drive, passion and focus. I primarily work with women and children, to safely and gently restore wellness.

Is your past still controlling your life?  Do you feel like something is holding you back?  Are you suffering from a chronic illness? My powerful yet gentle system of trauma transformation combined with homeopathy can bring profound and lasting change. I have a special interest in:



-Hormonal Imbalances

-Digestive disorders

-Fatigue/low energy

-Adrenal Exhaustion

-Unresolved trauma


My deep desire is for children to resolve emotional issues that are holding them back from growing into the wonderful beings they have the potential to become.   If your child is finding life tough and shows expressions of:

-Autism (link)


-Sleep issues

-Fussy eaters/digestive disorders



-Immune issues

-Ear, nose and throat problems

-Behavioural/emotional issues

I would love to work with you and your child to gently, profoundly and quickly help resolve the stuff that is holding them back.


Autism Support Project

Recognised Provider for the International Aurum Project

Kate is a Recognised Provider of the Autism Support Project which brings affordable homeopathic care to children diagnosed as Autism Spectrum Disorder. She has been recognised because of her experience and training, through a process of peer review and case presentation about developmental problems in children.   

Autism Spectrum Disorder is something I am passionate about and have been working with for the last 4 years. Kate spent 2 years in India and part of this time with Dr Praful Barvalia where he specialises in working with children with ASD, ADHD, Learning Difficulties, Cerebral Palsy and behviour issues.

What has been common in each of these children is a presentation very similar to post traumatic stress disorder.  Why this has been triggered is unique to each child.  Sometimes children come into the world with symptoms such as poor sleep, digestive issues, heightened senses, while others develop symptoms around 12 months of age or even later.  Parents notice they no longer make eye contact or lose their language they had been developing.  This is traumatic for the whole family.  Homeopathy can gently stimulates the mind and body to come back into balance.


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